What is GPC accreditation ?

Accreditation is a formal process by which Ghana Psychology Council mandated by law to assess and approves the training and practice of applied psychology in Ghana. Accreditation provides a formal process for ongoing evaluation and improvement of psychology programme.


Why is GPC accreditation important?

GPC accreditation sets professional and practice standard for all institutions running psychology programmes. This will enable all institutions to meet nationally endorsed standards in the training of practitioners.

When a training institution is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB), is it still important to accredit it with the GPC?

The Ghana Psychology Council is the only body mandated by law (Part 5 of Act 857 of 2013) assess and ensure the highest standards in the training and practice of applied psychology including counselling and special education. The GPC accreditation is an additional requirement for all National Accreditation Board accredited institutions who want to run a psychology programme.

How many types of accreditation do you have?

GPC has two main types of accreditation:
  • Course content accreditation for training institutions (Universities & Lay practitioners training institution).
  • Continues Professional Development (CPD) accreditation.
  • What Level of programmes are accredited by Ghana Psychology Council?

    • Post graduate psychology programmes (PhD, Psy.D., M.Phil, MA. M.Ed., M.Sc.)
    • Undergraduate psychology (BA, B.Sc., Diploma and Certificate in counselling